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I know that some super expensive designer shoes have security features literally built into the soul of the shoe, but I'm not at all sure what the protocol is for shoe security at department stores. I am in Australia, LP seems a little more lax here in contrast to the way American K-m@rts can be described on these forums and there are a few dress shoes between $20 and $35 I plan on swapping out for really cheap stuff. Burn the store. Don't intend on ever going back or at least not for a very long time. I'll likely hit 3-4 separate stores, one pair per store. Any advice? I don't carry a bag in store, they check them all, but the young, probably teenage greeters seem really dopey and I don't think they'd be paying attention to what shoes I walked in wearing. Any LP here know if that's something that they pay attention to?



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VegemiteToast wrote (edited )

Who knows if you will see this considering this was made 2 years ago but here it is i guess. Stealing shoe's from places such as kmart and/or other place's that have both pairs out on floor you just take it like you would take clothes.

From what i have seen the tag is just the wire connecting the 2 shoes together and very rarely there will be soft tags on the tongue of the shoe, on the bottom and sometimes on the soul.

I use to work at a city beach when i was in high school and it's one of those stores that just display one shoe on floor and if you're interested the employee will grab a pair for you to try on. These are really easy to beat, if it's a decent day and there is more than 2 people looking to try on shoes, you just simply ask the employee to get you a pair and say you like it. From there you continue looking around the store as if you're shopping and exit the store (walk out in the opposite direction of the register so the person in shoe's doesn't suspect anything)

Btw, since stores like city beach have such large stock of shoes we dont put security tags on the stuff as its to much work. I would check other stores first before you steal though. Just act as if you're trying them on but in actuality you're checking for tags.