Lifting $100 Razer gaming keyboard.

Submitted by Anonshopping in Illegalism

So I want to lift a Razer gaming keyboard from walmart, yeah, I'm a broke ass gamer.

There is a cheaper razer keyboard for $50 that is spider wrapped, but this $100 razer keyboard is not, from what I can tell, it doesn't have a security tag, unless it's on the inside.

I was gonna shove it in a backpack, but my lifting partner is a bit apprehensive about lifting a $100 item, even though we lift more than $100 in stuff some outtings.

Do you think the $100 keyboard would have some sort of security tag on it? Would it be worth it to swap barcodes with a cheaper item or shove it in my backpack? Should I scrap the idea?

Just a side note, I usually have a backpack on me anyway, even when I don't lift, I just have a lot of crap I carry everyday.



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Fearthewalkingfail wrote

Keyboards light but bulky with sharp corners. Backpack suspicious. Better bet? Shove the keyboard in the biggest clearance box you can find. buy that clearance item in self checkout.


5fingersofdeath wrote

Staples is a graveyard where I am. Never any customers there. The employees end up tracking you like crazy.


Bbutton wrote

Staples. Take the spider wrap off then just walk out. I've seen it happen when I worked there


Brockhampton9830 wrote

Razer is NOT source tagged. I'm not sure about Consair, but most likely they are not tagged.


BleachKidd wrote

Before @i_buy_shit was banned I asked this same question. And he suggested just lifting items and flipping them to buy the keyboard. But I ended up not listening and lifting it anyways, heres how.

  1. Detagged keyboard and brought it closer to the front of the store. Left it hidden on a shelf.
  2. Bought a cheap $20 LG keyboard
  3. Walked back to the shelf with the razer keyboard and did a lil switcheroo (now the razer is in the plastic bag and the LG is hidden on the shelf.
  4. Walked out, LP quickly glanced at the receipt, marked it walked out.
  5. Dropped the keyboard off in my car.
  6. Walked back in with the receipt for the LG
  7. Grabbed the LG
  8. Got a refund
  9. Went home and played League for 3 hours on my new keyboard.

Keep in mind that I go to this store often, and have intentionally dealt with each of the door LP. I know which ones actually look at receipts, which ones don't, which ones care etc. I made sure I pulled off this lift when the lady I wanted was there.


shiplofting wrote

Anyone know if the rose quartz line is in stores yet and where I could find it?


isarl wrote

I'm two weeks late, but here's what I would do. Since keyboards are pretty bulky, i'd rather get some mice and sell them until you have enough to buy the keyboard. At my walmart, the lower end gaming mice that are $30-$50 (rival 110, logitech g203, etc.) dont have spider wraps, but the ones that cost more than $50 do. If you dont wanna get an s3 key, you can take a few cheap mice and sell them for like $10 off to friends or on ebay.


Vaporwave wrote

I got a razor mouse awhile back, can’t remember where from. There was a tag inside the box so be careful