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francium wrote

if i was you, i’d hit up Brooks Brothers or Men’s Wearhouse. brooks brothers is laughably easy for how much their stuff costs, and you can get lucky at men’s wearhouse if the employees are distracted


Aussielad OP wrote

Thanks for the tip! What do you think of my strategy here? Am I going about this the right way? Leaving the expensive stuff (the jackets) for my last day and simply walking out with them? I am almost half expecting buzzers to go off, jackets are expensive and there's a good possibility there might be some EAS or something in one of the pockets that I miss. It could happen. As a result, I'm banking on just booking it as soon as I'm out of the store, and never returning to the store again. It is, after all, in another state. Is there any flaw here that I might be missing?


francium wrote

if you’re going to Brooks Brothers or Men’s wearhouse, they have no tags on their items. i would go next saturday when it’s busy, stage the jackets by the door and leave when there is an opening and employees are distracted. just dress nice and act like you’re shopping and compare the jackets to some items near to door, acting like you’re trying to decide what you’re “going to buy” and walk out when there is an opportunity. best of luck, pm me for any more questions!