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I feel too many of you are posting looking for ways to lift this one thing.

If you have put an hour or more into thinking about how to do something and/or roaming stores... this should be a sign that you need to change your mindset. Plan to lift other items, flip them and just buy the item you personally want. The harder you try to force a lift the greater the chance something is going to go wrong.

Go clean out a couple BN of Leuchtturm1917, flip them on Ebay for 50-60% of retail and pocket $500 plus. Take the low hanging fruit when you can.



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giampierogaleazzi wrote

As someone who frequently asks this kind of things I can answer to this. Sometimes I lift things just to practice and get better. Sometimes the are not even products I can't afford, just the thrill of setting up the hit and doing it flawlessly is the reward per se, I don't talk about doing harder lifts for the sake of being reckless (the rule bail if you don't feel comfortable is always golden). I understand perfectly what you are saying, let me help you understand what I say: from your posts I see your approach to lifting is more "professional" (as saying "I don't care how I her something, the best way is the safest and most effortless), this means that probably you are way better than me in lifting and use all your skills and experiences to get your stuff. Me, although I have been lifting for enough years to feel like intermediate to advanced especially in concealing, on the other hand I don't have that pro approach: I never flipped anything, I always have stolen goods for my own use and not even goods of primary necessity. I do it for the fun and to get better, then the free goods are a good " collateral effect" I'd say mine is the same approach as I would have to a new sport or a new hobby that requires developing skills. Hope you get what I say, sorry if I made some language mistakes, English isn't my first language and sometimes I get into sentences too complex lol

Have a nice day


PlopperPoop wrote

If grabbing something off the shelf, putting it in your pants and leaving the store is too hard for you then just quit shoplifting


i_buy_shit OP wrote

This is fucking naive and will eventually get you caught. But keep flexing and enjoying your free shit.


giampierogaleazzi wrote

Remember you are talking to the same use who doesn't even need to enter the store to get things lmao