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I live close to a small shopping center near me. I lift a bit when opportunity strikes, as they say dont shit where you eat. But I take advantage of the trust from the staff seeing me often. For whatever reason theres been alot of panhandlers and sketchy type individuals hanging out. I park far away to I have time to see into the store and see whats up. The staff have their eyes glued to these "sketchies" roaming around. what a godamn opportunity! I almost wanna give them some tips like.... staring at the pop in the cooler for five minutes is not the way to go about it bud. Ive shared some snacks with them if its not sus and visible from the store. Just wanted to share, sometimes lifting in higher crime areas pay off if you can dress the part and know your shit on surveillance and blind spots. I can cover my tattoos and dress like a soccor mom or sophisticated businesswoman with an attitude. Shit even wait till they are about to walk in the store and come in right behind them. Ive also invested in those spy type sunglasses with mirrors in them. Really helps.



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cakeater7 wrote

I love it when hoodlums are presents. Even better when they're tweakers. It's like being gifted with an invisible cape for the time being.


opera_detective wrote

Crazy hobos who are talking to themselves and screaming obscenities are nice too. Makes a nice distraction for store employees.


PlopperPoop wrote

You are a middle aged women. Shoplifting is a cakewalk for you. Dont even try to give tips when you havent experienced a day in the life of a teenage male. See how easily you shoplift when theres a worker in every aisle watching you. "take advantage of the trust from the staff seeing me often" More like take advantage of being the trust from staff seeing a white woman


ethereal wrote

dude this sounds to me like someone who is just bad at shoplifting

you can absolutely shoplift as a teen if you pimp the system. you just sound like a bitter fuck who got caught at Spencer's slipping pocket pussys into his pants


Lostdownunder OP wrote

Wow you sound bitter. there is a possibility of a young male that doesnt look sus. I was a teeange mowhawk goth kid attempting to lift, so I know where youre coming from and didnt whine about it. Get a haircut, nice clothes and figure it out kid.