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Hello, friends. I'm brand spankin new here and I have some questions but I'm gonna start this with a little bit of a preface. Okay, so I've shoplifted countless items throughout my life (think places like Walmart, Dollar General, Target, Giant Eagle..) I've stolen liquor, food, drink, lower cost electronics, ect. I don't get nervous and it's a pretty casual thing for me, but next week I'm going the mall to buy some new clothes and I'm thinking of dipping my toe into the apparel side of things. I'm unfamiliar with that side of the spectrum and don't exactly know what to expect. Do you guys have any words of wisdom/rules of thumb? Stores to steer clear of? My plan so far is to take clothes off the hanger to "size them up" to my person and hide them under other clothes with hangers that I actually plan on trying on/buying, so the hanger count matches. How reliable of a plan does that sound like? Thanks!

Edit: are tools neccessary? I don't know exactly which store to lift yet, but some options are Macy's, Sears, Zumiez, Pacsun, Hollister, along with other retailers that would likely be in a relatively large mall.



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opera_detective wrote

I've never lifted clothes for profit or to resell. The times I have I was just picking up some pants for myself or whatever. My strategy that worked even at places like Target with good LP was pretty simple. Take 5 pants/5 shirts/whatever into the fitting room. Put one pair of pants/shirt on, make sure they're not tagged, then just put your own clothes back on over them and walk out with 4 pants/4 shirts and go put them back on the shelf. Little slower method than walking out with a cart full of stolen clothes, but almost impossible to get caught/very low risk. Even if someone was suspicious of you, still hard to get caught. They'd have to literally ask you to take your pants off or whatever to prove you were concealing stolen clothing underneath them.


francium wrote

if you’re brand new i wouldn’t start at macy’s. i would gravitate towards dicks and zumiez, those are two of the easiest clothing stores in my opinion. pm me for further questions, good luck!


NoobDude99 wrote

Hollister is really easy since the registers are away from the entrance and exit. Whenever I’ve gone there I seriously just detag and walk out. For Hollister you’ll need a hook detacher. Good thing with the hook detacher is they are much smaller than the golf magnets, are easy to use, and don’t act up like some magnets do from time to time. Zumiez is a bit more difficult because of their very linear store setup, so just make sure to use a clothing rack as cover while you detag. I wouldn’t recommend Macy’s until you are proficient — they have some decent LP last I heard.