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EzDoesIt wrote (edited )


∆ 3rd Degree Theft (Shoplifting) - Gross Misdemeanor ° Value that does not exceed $750.

∆ 2nd Degree Theft - Class C Felony ° Value of the property or services stolen is more than $750 but not more than $5,000 (and as long as the property is not a firearm or motor vehicle).

∆ 1st Degree Theft - Class B Felony ° Value of property (other than a firearm or motor vehicle) or services stolen exceeds $5,000, or if property of any value is taken directly from the person of another.

~ Civil Penalties for Theft ~ A person who commits shoplifting (or the parent or legal guardian of a minor who commits shoplifting) may be civilly liable to the store or business owner for:

° Retail value of the merchandise or services stolen, not to exceed $2,850, an additional penalty of at least $100 but not more than $650, and all reasonable attorney's fees and court costs expended by the owner or seller. Under Washington law, if the parent or legal guardian of a juvenile shoplifter is assuming liability, the maximum retail value of the merchandise stolen that is recoverable is limited to $1,425.