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Ajiceberg wrote

Seems good. Do they always offer a gift receipt?


EzDoesIt wrote

Doesn't matter, you can only return an item once per transaction id# . It's tracked.


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NotReallyMeTho OP wrote

So... I did think about this but not thoroughly. I used a debit card for the original purchase (when I requested the gift receipt), I took the item and returned it within minutes and the $$ went back on my debit card (and I kept the gift receipt).

That being said, when I did the return at another location (within the same day), I had no problems when they issued me the gift card (for full value) because I presented the item (originally lifted) + gift receipt.

Perhaps because i did this between 2 locations, the POS systems didn’t or couldn’t sync up?

Should I actually be concerned that there is a flag in the system now to investigate a return, once on original receipt and once on gift receipt?

Couldn’t I also argue that I actually had this item (for whatever reason) and when I tried to return with no receipt, I was declined so I used this method to get a receipt only (as opposed to tying back to a lift)?


DamnScalper wrote

Yeah, it'll flag it as a duplicate return. The gift receipt will have a barcode (or nos), and they scan this during returns.

Personally, I wouldn't do this.

I'd buy an item, put it in my car then grab another one and walk out. If stopped, just produce the receipt and hope you never watched you the whole time.