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So, I’ve been on a decent run but got sloppy last Sunday @ a Walm**t.

I noticed only half the higher-end KitchenAid mixers were spider tagged but I opted to leave them alone (glad I didn’t bother on this occasion).

Instead, I grabbed a new set of hair clippers (among a couple items I planned on paying for).

Did my usual thing, paid for Bananas and a couple small items and told the cashier I have to do an exchange for the clippers (they shrug, I get a receipt for my other small purchases, if any LP watching me, it looks like I paid for everything).. anyway, as I’m walking out, towers go off (I didn’t bother to check if the clippers were tagged with a sticker, whatever they are called)..

Anyway, young security girl runs over and says, sir, it probably went off because of that (points to box of clippers in my bag), I flashed my receipt and said “maybe”... she says, can you step back inside and in this moment, I had to recall what I’ve read here.. and I laughed and said “sorry no, I’m not gonna come back in”. There was .05 seconds of awkwardness and she said “oh, ok” and then I turned and calmly walked away.

It was so busy, I hope she didn’t bother to report that but I’ll stay away a little while and then I’m going back for that KitchenAid mixer.



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EzDoesIt wrote

Perfect. but don't waste your time on the kitchen aid mixer, so many other good things of higher value that are much smaller and lighter. Just saying.

Always act confident and not surprised the alarms when off - happens all the time in stores and many ppl are numb to it. Act as though u assumed it was for someone else , because clearly you paid for your stuff lol. Seem borderline offended, and that it's just an inconvenience for u to have to come back in just to have them demagnetize their bullshit tag. You don't have time for nonsense .


i_buy_shit wrote

This is always my strategy. Find the smallest and most profitable item you can.