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smagor333 OP wrote

I have done MTG packs before (like 2-3 at a time), but I think I'm going to try focusing on YGO (nostalgia factor). I did just buy a promo box with a fair amount of good-value cards, and after looking at the packaging it doesn't look tagged. There are no places where the lining is raised on either side of the box, but it is much larger than just the cards themselves. Would it be worth figuring out a place to open the sealed box in the store, or just concealing the box and assume I'm right about the tags?


BuckleupBuckaroo94 wrote

I would probably find somewhere to open a box to double check. If you need to, go after hours if you're at the Wall (typically no LP works from 12am-6am).


Ajiceberg wrote

Where do I guys sell them. I can get like 5 boxes at a time