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zx1300 wrote

A Barnes and noble bag with one book already in it when you enter and some confidence


ethereal wrote

just walk out lmao

anything at barnes is literally free lmfao


EzDoesIt wrote

Agreed. Walkout is your best bet there, and they'll probably tell you to have a nice day on your way out lol


Noambition wrote

I put my stuff in one of their baskets and carry it around then go to the bathroom. No cameras and they have a table outside of the bathroom if you want to set your basket there. I leave the basket and a couple things in it and just walk in with the other stuff I want and put it in my purse. If anyone saw me in bathroom and they haven’t yet...I was just going to say I didn’t want anyone to take my stuff. Also like everyone says, kids area is easy. There’s only one big camera at mine over electronics. They have also been selling different stuff at mine like timberland wallets and travel bags, fluffy bathrobes, and Anne Klein purses. Random stuff. The other day I saw a empty box for a timberland wallet back behind some stuff. I was a little mad at whoever did it for leaving the packaging behind but it also gave me a good signal that these people have no clue what’s going on and don’t even care. Who knows how long it’s been sitting there?


PR0XY wrote

FYI, Tarot cards are sometimes tagged inside of the box and wrapped in that thin cling plastic.

B&N rarely pursues if the alarm goes off, but I still prefer to have a clean exit.


Via OP wrote

my b&n has no cameras and towers broken lmao. there was already an unwrapped box w tarot cards so i just took it out and put the box back. it’ll be a long time before someone notices that shits gone. thanks for the comment