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Sh0pko is closing down and now it is a liquidation company that is running the place. They bought all the merchandise and raised the prices by more than double and marked things down 30 to 40 percent. My store has 1 guy in a black security shirt walking around just to make you think they are watching you. It is pretty much a free for all. Everyone should get as much stuff as they can before they shut down. They deserve it for the pricing scam they are pulling.



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yeetyeetyeet wrote

I was waiting for somebody to post about this lol


Newt2 wrote

Wow, Shopko, too? I never heard about that until I saw your post.


neech OP wrote

It is so easy that I had enough confidence to do a walkout and I do not like doing them.


EzDoesIt wrote

Be careful on this one.. my girl almost got hemmed up at one because even tho they're running the closeout sales, it happened to be one that ISNT closing and LP was on point let's just say.. bad news bears