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i_buy_shit wrote

Is it ethical... I would say no. Look at from your parents perspective: what would they say, how would they feel, what would be the repercussions if you were caught? I would have the opposite answer if you were honest with them. My wife and I lift together. If anything were to ever go south we are both fully aware of the risks and we openly communicate about it. The lifting is not the point of ethics, nor is keeping any of the money; you lose the ethics battle because it is built on a lie of omission.


extremecouponing OP wrote

This is another good point. I think that you're right, bit I also think that actually buying things from large companies who have exploited thousands of workers is pretty unethical as well. Weighing the two against each other, I'm definitely leaning towards continuing to lift for my parents but idk still. Gotta meditate on it some