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At Wally World today a guy was asking customer service for their first aid kit, he needed benedryl... As someone who's been down on their luck I recognize these people right away and ask him if he's OK.

He had a really bad rash and only had 50 cents to his name and was planning to go to the ER. Well the first aid kit didn't have benedryl so I offered to buy some for him, only like 2.00 at Walmart.

Anyway, he took me up on my offer and was very sweet and said god bless etc.

So story... I told my mother this whole thing and made a side comment that why didn't he just take the benedryl. Better than going to the hospital and acquiring medical bills and expenses... I thought it was a reasonable argument.

But would you know, my mother who's never really wanted for ANYTHING in life said NO WAY should he have swiped that 2.00 benedryl.

I said really? Instead of wasting everyones time and resources at the hospital and acquire a huge bill he wouldn't be able to pay later anyway costing the taxpayers more ??? You can't even justify a 2.00 swiped box of benedryl at a multi-billion dollar conglomerate like Walmart?

Oh wow.. she was livid. No way, a thief is a thief and it's against the 10 commandments.

Wow the judgements!



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LiftSmart_LiftSMart wrote

When I worked at a pet store, I had one lady come back in after making a big cat food purchase. She was so bothered by the fact that she left a can in the cart and asked to be rung up for it. I gave her a confused look- and told her she could have just kept it. Honestly. Even when I worked retail I could see how all of this stuff really takes pennies to fucking make and is overpriced out the ass afterwards.

She looked offended, clutched her pearls, and said "Oh! But it's not worth my eternal soul!"

Me, not being religious, didn't answer but did give her a disgusted look. Then I rang granny up for the whole dollar and change she would be surely ROTTING IN HELL for if she didn't pay it.


db_cooper wrote

Thank the lord she was so quick to act. Her eternal soul was at risk! It must be so exhausting to live like that.


Goblisstick wrote

It is hard to understand! I do get that certain people feel strongly about that, and I myself, have some weird ways about me as well. My thing is just DONT JUDGE OTHERS!!!


Throwdown321 wrote

christianity does alot of indoctrinating and brainwashing, also with all the scandals now, people are less likely to follow thier path.


i_buy_shit wrote (edited )

The funny thing about Christians is almost all of them are wrong.

The commandments are old testament and the rules only apply to the Jews. If they would just fucking read the bible and not want to be spoon feed, by their pastor, they would understand. The new testament clearly states that Jesus came and grace supersedes law.

Then you have people who talk about their church. Not realizing the church is just a building. Again they get basic shit wrong. The church was always a body of people. Hence the verse where two or more are gathered in my name it is blessed by the lord. The catholic church fucked that all up. First they moved the definition of church to be basilica, then cathedral, and now church... fuck them and their buildings.

Lastly, damn near ever church talks about the tithe and giving 10%.

  1. The title is not only for the Jews but it is for the 11 tribes who were given land when the tribe of tribe of Levi were priests and not given land. Those 11 tribes provided for the Leviets who had no means to feed themselves.
  2. There are three tithes in the old testament. The total tithe is around 33%.
  3. The tithe was never money. It was always animals and food from the ground. The only time there was money was when you had to travel. Thus you would sell your food and when you arrived at the destination you would rebuy food to sacrifice. This is why Jesus went ape shit about the money lenders in the church. They defiled a law that was meant to bring glory and honor to the lord.
  4. When bullshit pastors talk about would you rob god and the hammer of the lord would come down...Some verse in Malachi... to damn tired to look it up... but when prosperity preachers talk about giving and god will open the flood gates and blessings will rain down... It is a literal meaning. It would rain so your crops would grow. Too many bullshit preachers and equal number of dumb sheep who don't actually read the word.

DapperDan wrote

The moral law still applies and was in place before the ten commandments.9 of the 10 commandments are in regard to dealing with fellow man.But yes the old testament is descriptive not prescriptive.It was a covenant God had with jews at the time.Its sad to see people still trying to put us under the law.


Goblisstick wrote

Can you stand it????? It really blows my mind! By the way, that was really nice of you to help the man. Coming from poverty, I am very sensitive to situations like that and am compelled to help. Not that it makes up for my thieving ways, but I think our small giving and compassionate acts matter-it may not qualify for the 10 commandments but its human kindness and its important.


Throwdown321 wrote

10 commandments are for those who believe in christianity, otherwise that morality doesnt apply. exceptions should be given to people who are in desperate situation.


TurmericLiftersnatch wrote

That was very nice of you. As for your mom's opinions...well we won't go into that. :)


WhiteCollarCriminal wrote

It’s ridiculous that in the same world where there’s trust fund millionaires who get handed down BMWs, Mercedes, 4000 sq. ft houses; but working class people can’t even afford medicine. I would have taught him how to lift :^)


WhiteCollarCriminal wrote

It’s ridiculous that in the same world where there’s trust fund millionaires who get handed down BMWs, Mercedes, 4000 sq. ft houses; but working class people can’t even afford medicine. I would have taught him how to lift :^)