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LiftSmart_LiftSMart wrote

When I worked at a pet store, I had one lady come back in after making a big cat food purchase. She was so bothered by the fact that she left a can in the cart and asked to be rung up for it. I gave her a confused look- and told her she could have just kept it. Honestly. Even when I worked retail I could see how all of this stuff really takes pennies to fucking make and is overpriced out the ass afterwards.

She looked offended, clutched her pearls, and said "Oh! But it's not worth my eternal soul!"

Me, not being religious, didn't answer but did give her a disgusted look. Then I rang granny up for the whole dollar and change she would be surely ROTTING IN HELL for if she didn't pay it.


Goblisstick wrote

It is hard to understand! I do get that certain people feel strongly about that, and I myself, have some weird ways about me as well. My thing is just DONT JUDGE OTHERS!!!


db_cooper wrote

Thank the lord she was so quick to act. Her eternal soul was at risk! It must be so exhausting to live like that.


Throwdown321 wrote

christianity does alot of indoctrinating and brainwashing, also with all the scandals now, people are less likely to follow thier path.