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i_buy_shit wrote

There is hardly any new information out there. There is nothing that has been posted here that LP do not already know about.

They have the upper hand with cameras, software, training and communication.

We have the upper hand because they never know when we will be there.

But yes, stay safe and happy lifting!


PR0XY wrote

Just like we watch theirs.


PatchU wrote

LPs were welcome on the shoplifting reddit forum when that was still around. No biggie. Dont post locations etc.


zx1300 wrote

LP are scum of the earth!


PR0XY wrote

Nah. They're mostly just people doing their job.

We just have to stay one step ahead of them.



Just remember an LP is not law enforcement. As much as they pretend to be and try hard to be they’re not even close.

So them seeing us on this beautiful forum means nothing.


db_cooper wrote

Federal LE are also watching this forum, 99.9% guaranteed. Local LEO probably aren't, at least not in any official capacity, because there is no reason to justify it. Raddle has a fraud section IIRC so that basically guarantees that feds, most likely Secret Service (possibly US postal inspectors & FBI as well) are here, just to take a look around. Also there is a lot of discussion around activism/anarchism/hacktivism/etc so that again is basically a written invitation to the feds. Which is exactly why people should be very careful about what information they are choosing to reveal here. Always keep this in mind.


Goblisstick wrote

If they aint talkin about you, you aren't doing anything noteworthy!