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zx1300 wrote

I've lifted from the dinosaur restaraunt at disney springs before. Have a necklace in your hands and walk out, pretending that it was in your hands. I would suggest not going for expensive stuff though.


katsareokay wrote

In theory the whole park is a "store". So you haven't really stolen anything until you leave the park (this is me assuming that you're taking about Disneyland and not the Disney Store). Also, they keep this in mind because they know children will grab something and just walk out of an actual store, due to toddlers/children not being aware of the whole stealing concept. How I know this is I have someone close to me who has worked at the park for a long time. So just keep this in mind. Also, they do have under cover people at the park.


i_buy_shit wrote (edited )

I have to disagree with the whole park is a store. If you are in a cafe or a gift shop and leave all point of sales you can be stopped, immediately ejected from the park, banned from the premises, and also arrested. If you are ejected from the park you will not receive any percentage of a refund.

Personal experience while having dumb foster kids.


sexyinaweaselkindofway wrote

The secret is keeping it small. Certain obvious items are stupid easy to conceal, even more if there's a ton of tourists swarming around you. However certain stores not in the parks or Springs area are even easier. I will admit I tested concealing a more expensive but smaller item once, and it was amazingly easy. Wound up being a gift for my mom.


Goblisstick wrote

Ive never had a problem there, but read on here a lot that they have undercover shoppers everywhere especially watching young people. Im middle aged btw.