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pizzafordinneragain wrote (edited )

stuff a big jacket in my purse and then go grab a bunch of clothes and put them in my purse in the dressing room, take out my jacket and put the left over clothes on top of my jacket so it looks like im coming back out with just as much clothes, then toss them somewhere and leave with my jacket.


1.) Do you use your PERSONAL jacket in your purse or a jacket you're attempting to lift?

2.) Then, you place a bunch of clorthes in the puse inside the dressing room (on top or under the jacket?). Then take out the jacket and place the clothes on top of the jacket to avoid suspicion. Finally, toss the clothes and leave with the desired jacket,

So, in conclusion, you're lifting a jacket and not a wardrobe of clothes with a jacket as a distraction.

Also, tips for men trying this? Walk in with a Macy's bag and a fake return plus receipt, place a decoy item in the bag to act as a return. Locate your jacket and place it in your bag to try on in the dressing room, along with other clothing items on top. Then, replace the clothes and put your decoy jacket over your lifted one, fake receipt in hand and calmly exit.


2chainz OP wrote (edited )

Its my personal jacket. as for men i find the walkout method the easiest just simply walk out with everything in your hands and try not to go over 1000$ so you dont end up on the news lol. But ya just find your exit ahead of time and since youre just walking out the camera people dont have time to get to you. I just dont know how well a backpack would go over in a dressing room--- Edit that is probaby a better idea putting decoy jacket in a mall bag that looks purchased then replace with clothes