Shoplifting every day and never getting caught

Submitted by Drshoplifter in Illegalism (edited )

I just thought I’d say something about this. A lot of people think they can steal all the time without ever getting caught. There are methods that if you follow to a t every time, you will never get caught, however everyone makes mistakes. Let’s say you have a 1 in 100 chance of making a mistake every time you shoplift. Well if you shoplift on 2 occasions then that turns into 2 in 100. 3 occasions, that’s 3 in 100. And so on. I know most people who get caught do so because they get too comfortable and get careless. But I just think this is something to consider. Also if your hitting the same stores. They will eventually start setting traps to try to catch you.

Edit: I always recommend finding a store with a GOOD blind spot, set up in a way where there are no places for lp to hide and watch you on foot. Hide your merchandise in that blind spot then pick it up a couple days later. If it’s a huge haul some lp will even watch it for the rest of the day if they see that you’ve staged the merchandise. The bigger the haul the longer you wait to pick it up.



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i_buy_shit wrote

I think most of the time it is not a mistake it is bad luck. A hero customer, LP just happens to be in the store on a day when they are not scheduled, or whatever.

I have known quite a few people who lift as their full time profession, these people are truly fucking pros, and they get busted. Every fucking time it is a roll of the dice. The best plans can always be interrupted by Murphy's Law:


YerLocalChineeseFood wrote

I've got a Walmart with an insane blindspot. There is an area where you can go outside to look at plants and stuff. Well there is a spot on the fence where you can throw small items through or over the fence and retrieve them later. It works good in spring and summer because there is no cameras outside in the plants section so what I would do is take an item outside and chuck it out to a friend or something and if an LP stops me inside I dont have the item on me. Genius no?