Checklist needed for starting out of town/state lifting trips

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Hi all, I've recently noticed a lot of posts, and in some private messages I've had with other users, about people travelling far from where they live to do lifting trips. I think this is a wonderful and low risk idea, but before doing such a thing, I was wondering if those who have done this could provide tips/checklist on things I should be aware of and things I should do? For example, how do I research areas in advance where LP may be more or less strong at the stores I normally lift at in the area? How do I gauge risk? Are there any special techniques one should use when travelling out of area? Thanks!



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i_buy_shit wrote

This is my low level list:

  1. I do try and visit the area before I lift.
  2. Put all of my locations into Waze so I line up turns.
  3. Check google maps to find the busy times for each store.
  4. Check the google maps photos to see if I can see anything about their cameras.
  5. Check the local PD Facebook page to see if they post photos.
  6. Check the local jail site to see what their bookings look like.
  7. If they have an online court system then check that as well.
  8. Check here to find the average per capita income:
  9. Use this site to get an overall idea of crime stats:

i_buy_shit wrote

This is my high level list:

  1. Most of everything in the low level list but I will rent a vehicle.
  2. Steal two license plates. One of the plates matches the same color and vehicle as my rental and glue magnets to it. The second plate I put on the vehicle I stole the original plate from. This is used to put on my rental when I am very close to the store I want to tag.
  3. Do a lot more research on the area and know exactly what items I plan to take. I may also lift clothes from the area so I fit in.
  4. I almost always have a partner, so one person will go the store and have everything stages in a location or basket. I am in and out of the store in under 7 minutes. Normally less time than that.

The high level list is just a lot more prep work and making sure I have a vehicle that can hold everything I intend to lift. I have solid color tubs just in case I am pulled over no items can be visually seen.


j0hn_d0e wrote

Do you know how long until the plates are usually reported stolen? Also if you get pulled over, wouldn't the stolen plates just escalate things, regardless if the the stolen items are hidden in a tub?


i_buy_shit wrote

Never had any issues... This is why I steal two plates. One plate is just a cover-up from the vehicle that matches the rental. How many times have you ever walked around your car and checked your plate? In my state all tags have the month of registration so I never mess with a plate that is within 90 days of expiration.

I only put the stolen plate on right before I drive to a store and within 1/2 mile of leaving I take it back off.


Goblisstick wrote

Good questions. As a person who resists change, why do you want to go out of state?


zx1300 OP wrote

It seems like one can be more bold and take a lot more if you go out of state because it's not ilke you'll be back there again anytime soon and no one knows you there