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I used to be a legit shopper at this store for years. Then once I started lifting, sephora fell on to my list of places to hit when I went through a phase of being desperate for some quick $$.

I tended to spend quite a bit of time in sephora shopping for new makeup when I was a paying customer at the location I go to, so the employees tend to trust me.

I did 3-4 small hauls from there between october - December last year and was last in store just before Christmas. I got probably $300 or so of product in that time so a fairly modest amount. I unboxed every time which probably wasn't the best in retrospect but I was too paranoid to not.

Last time I was in I felt they were getting a little sus and now that I have decided I'd like to return to do some legitimate shopping (I won't do sephora anymore because as much as its expensive I actually like shopping there so I don't want to risk getting banned) but I am a little worried they may of somehow seen me on camera and maybe I will be approached next time I come in. Do they do that and can they do anything to me if I come back to the store after I lifted 2 months ago?

I have spent far more money in that store than I ever lifted and they would be aware of this because I was a good customer for a very long time.

I am paranoid but I don't really want to stay away for one year. I am hoping if I go in to the store and actually buy things again the issue will be resolved. However, once I purchase with my beauty insider they will have my ID. Id like to know if any of the ladies here feel I should avoid??



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i_buy_shit wrote

If you have been back after you felt suspicious you should be fine. If they customer service you to death then they are suspicious and nothing is going to change that behavior. But, if PD didn't show up they either don't have evidence or don't give a fuck.

But, never leave packaging.. especially if you plan on going back. I don't know how small your town is but some jurisdictions will run prints. I am also not a big fan of lifting where you shop.


[deleted] wrote


i_buy_shit wrote

I don't have any information about pin hole cameras. I have lifted several Drybar tools from different Sephoras and never felt odd. I do know those items were not tagged, I concealed and left the store in under 10 minutes.

There is not a lot of camera footage online for Sephora. I did find this that is within the last two years: https://youtu.be/t2bug2jz-TE

From the angle and placement non of the footage was from a pinhole camera. I doubt they would need them. The image is crisp and the ceiling placements gives them near 100% coverage.

Looking at the address on the video it says it is a mall but the double entry doors at the very beginning makes me think this is an outdoor mall. None of that is really that important it is just information.

If the Sephora you lift from is in a Simon Mall I would be careful. Simon has a history of trespassing you from their mall for a year if you are caught on their property. They will automatically share your information with all stores on the property. Simon Malls on a whole have decent security and good camera coverage inside their malls and within the first 30 feet of exterior stores.

Given everything you have said... you enjoy shopping there and you know the people.. I would not lift from this place. Boost other shit and just be a loyal customer for them. Half the fun of this game is having cash to buy shit you really enjoy. Don't mess up that relationship by lifting where you enjoy the products and people.


FreeIsForMe wrote

You could always make a new account with fake info. If I purchase anything anywhere I don't use any rewards programs and always pay cash.


zx1300 wrote

Don't lift there since you know the employees. The only place I ever got caught was at ulta. And that was the only place I ever socialized with employees


Noambition wrote

How did you get caught there? What mistake did you make? I’m always friendly with employees there. They even voluntarily told me at mine they aren’t allowed to confront or chase lifters.