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Liftingaddict wrote (edited )

Bans, trolls from other forums, and boredom with posts asking where to buy magnets have run them off.


ThinOakSlump wrote

sad :/

they were great assets to the forum.


Tortugas OP wrote

So true. I owe a shitload of food to sonofham, headphones and shoes to popman007 alone...


bwqrdsaf wrote

And possibly sitting in jail because they got overconfident and broke a few rules.


CBDCandy wrote (edited )

Aw, I feel honored to be included! No arrests here. Actually because I was getting cocky again and doing repetitive lifts; I needed to force myself to take a break, lay low & authentically work for food delivery (on my new ebike, paid for by Appl3) for free food! Also election work. Then I have over $2000 worth of shit to sell, still.

Basic noobs questions have bored me, tbh. And I like to keep some of my best tips/stories to myself, I feel like it's safer that way & so it doesn't get ruined. But I'll be getting back into it the redistrubtion when AirPods 2 come out, tho.


Brockhampton9830 wrote

I'm gonna try to be more active here, I don't consider myself a raddle OG, but I was a reddit banhammer veteran. :)


FreeIsForMe wrote

I see them commenting here and there. I'm new to the forum but I've read up and noticed they always give good advice :) hope they fully return soon.


zx1300 wrote

Maybe they got scared away by all the shitposters. I warned you all!


Subversive_Element wrote

I don’t know if I’m OG, but I haven’t posted as often. Trolls, work, and laziness mostly. I have a few hauls I’d like to post though.


Thebootyholewarrior wrote

I used to post on it under a different identity back on Reddit and have had 2 identities here (because my dumb ass forgot the passwords). My guess is that Raddle is not very big and is very authoritarian lefitst in my opinion as that is why i only go on the shoplifting board here.