Cv$ caught shoplifting? HELP!!!!!!

Submitted by Swsw in Illegalism

I went into a local cv$ wanting to snag some razors. I went into a blind spot, concealed, then proceeded to exit. As I passed through, the detectors went off and I made a run for it. I didn’t expect the detectors to go off because I’ve done this before and they didn’t go off then. Did I get caught? Any advice on what happens next??



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Goblisstick wrote

I love that you say you were "caught"! You were NOT caught, be thankful lol! It can be very startling when the alarm goes off, but always keep walking. Especially in a drugstore Im sure no one blinks an eye. You probably didn't see a sensor, learn from your mistake. And stay away for a few weeks, better to be safe than sorry.


[deleted] wrote


Swsw OP wrote

Update: I opened the packaging and realized it was source tagged. Any way to get around that?


mahlah20 wrote

Start using dollar shave club lmao, super cheap.


he4vyL1ft3r wrote

Never run, make a face like you felt offended by the sensors and go on your way without looking behind. You missed some sticker-tag.


SheStealsEverything wrote

I had the same thing happen in a cvs out of state. I got some sunglasses. Detagged them. And I was exhausted and stupidly STUCK THE TAGS IN MY POCKET (yeah i'm a dummy) just kept strolling. Set of towers. Man walks out.. "ma'am can you come back inside and see if something you have set off the towers". Me "nah I'm good" He followed along the edge of the store to my car.. Acted like he was on his phone. I'm assuming he acted... Because absolutely nothing ever happened and I fill my scripts in cvs in my area and frequent them quite often.

Wouldn't worry at all.


NiceLady wrote

Running is the worst thing you can do, unless they're actually chasing you. Look casual and keep walking. Stay away from CVS for at least 6 mos. They have you on camera now for a high theft item.