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sudo wrote

Food generally isn't tagged. I have never once seen an anti-theft tag on the inside of the packaging, where the food it (I suspect that might violate some sort of food safety laws). If you don't see any tags on the outside, you should be fine.


SheStealsEverything wrote

They carry alot of those at dollar general. If you're worried go to the ones without towers if you can. Food aisles rarely have any cameras


eous wrote

Usually only a soft tag if they are tagged at all. Unless you are lifting some sort of vegan, protein rich, organic, fortified, kosher shit your good.


Goblisstick wrote

Ive never seen sensors of any kind on them. I know, they are so expensive! If you don't mind me asking, since you are anorexic, are these bars what sustain you?


zx1300 wrote

just go in walgreens and add the fucking packs to a bag and walk out. there are no tags and they won't go off. at least, on most of them. tags are put randomly on items in stores but you ought to be fine


he4vyL1ft3r wrote

hey buddy, I'm also very skinny (but healthy) and I like to stock up on very expensive cereal and protein bars. usually I get around 25 at a time - my favorite method is to go to a nice market inside of a mall, so I can walk in with a small bag from a clothing store ; I place a lifted t-shirt that still has the tag, in the bag in a way its visible from outside, if theres lp when I walk in, never make eye contact but make sure he can see the shirt, or other piece, they usually peek on what you are carrying, so it will just look like you just got new clothes. get a basket - a bunch of cereal bars, put same random and cheap items you can buy in the basket, at every opportunity when you are at a blind spot, slide like 5 or 7 of the bars inside the bag - i usually leave some bars in the basket before I check out, pretending I gave up on those items, so if someone noticed me in the cameras with cereal bars in the basket, they'll see there is some still there.

and no, if you cant find tags outside in the packing, theres zero changes there would be one inside - the only way they would tag them is if they notice too many getting stolen - then they could stick it to some of them


Cheapafsoccermom wrote

Unless someone is bored who works at the store you should be good lol. They dont tag that stuff