How do you take clothes?

Submitted by casino998 in Illegalism

Honestly, the thought of taking from a clothes store frightens the crap out of me. But for all those who have experience in this area, how do you go about leaving with the items?

  1. Taking off the tags in the main area of store and concealing?

  2. Going to the changing rooms and concealing? (If there is someone there checking how many items you're taking in, how do you get around this?)



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sudo wrote

If there is someone there checking how many items you're taking in, how do you get around this?

Go into the changing room with a bunch of clothes on hangers (at least seven). The attendant will count how many hangers you have. Once you're in, detag and conceal the clothes that you want to lift (putting them on under the clothes you came in with should work). Clamp the tag, if present, onto one of the other clothes in the stack of hangers. Then, take the empty hanger(s), and sandwich them between the full hangers. A lot of times, the attendants are overworked and underpaid, so they will only count the number of hangers you come out with (which will be the same), but will not check to make sure that they all have clothes on them. Pretend that you didn't like anything, put the hangers up on the return rack, and leave the store.


casino998 OP wrote

That sounds like an excellent idea. I was thinking perhaps of putting 2 or more clothes onto the same hanger before you go in but it probably sounds easier in theory than in reality!


sudo wrote

Your idea could also work if you find a blind spot.


i_buy_shit wrote

I almost always go with the dressing room option. My state is very big on having the five steps for prosecution.


Goblisstick wrote

I always go to the changing room. If someone is there diligently checking the items and counting when you come out, I would not do it. Once while I was in Target, a woman told the fitting room attendant that she had 3 items. The attended counted 4 but did not correct the customer. She then called another team member (security?) and told him she claimed 3 but had 4. He went into the fitting room next to the customer and appeared to be listening for maybe sounds of her de-tagging or something?

Best case scenario is when its an unattended or messy fitting room. I always go in with several outfits (similar colors as what you are going to lift) and only lift 3 out of 10 or so.


Satanicslave666 wrote

Carry a magnet. Go into dressing room or bathroom if needed take tags off, dispose of the tags. Wear out, use a bag for another store close, or carry a purse like I do.


Crusty wrote

One method that I use to get around them counting is to hide items inside other ones. Usually they count hangers, so if you hang a hanger on a hanger and it doesn’t look obvious then you are good to go, other times they may count wrong. You could even say they counted wrong and come out with less but that is risky.

My favorite method is to go to one store and buy a shirt for like $3 or whatever the cheapest you can find is and then put it on under a jacket with the price tags still on it. Go to same store but different location and switch the expensive shirt for the cheap one under your jacket and walk out easy peasy