Usps keeps records of shipping scams?

Submitted by Shadymystery1 in Illegalism

I was on r/ebay and someone recently posted about someone trying to do a shipping scam and they called the persons local post office. The employee said that the family that owns that PO box has a history of reporting things as not coming online... So how does USPS keep track of this? Do the companies tell the post office about it?

Is this something we should be worried about?



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Goblisstick wrote

Yes I previously worked for the postal service and they will definitely blacklist an address if there are too many claims.


Shadymystery1 OP wrote

Too many claims total, or too many claims in a short period of time? I've done it many times but over the course of a few years and nobody has said anything


Goblisstick wrote

In my experience, too many claims in a short period of time.


sudo wrote

To avoid this, you can use a 'drop' address. Send the package to an empty house (make sure that nobody lives there!). Stop by daily, and once the package arrives, take it from the front doorstep/mailbox, being careful not to let anyone see you do this. Then, do your usual 'it never arrived' shtick. Switch to a different house every 2 scams, to avoid having your drop address blacklisted.

It might also be wise to use a public computer (like a library computer) each time you do this, and use a different one each time, so that the online retailer you're scamming doesn't realize it's the same person each time (assuming it's the same website). You could also use Tor Browser, but most online retailers require JavaScript in order to function, and they might be able to use browser fingerprinting to determine it's the same person placing the orders each time. Of course, you'd also have to use a different bank account / credit card each time, so they can't tell it's the same person.


FreeIsForMe wrote

Normally all carriers will blacklist your address after so many 'i didn't receive'. They will start making you sign for everything. Best option is to order a small item with the one you want and say the larger item didn't come which stops them from investigating with whoever delivered.


i_buy_shit wrote

This is true. My home address hit a ban with UPS. I have now have to sign for everything or login online and sign for a release of liability.