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WhiteCollarCriminal wrote

I don't feel like i'm addicted to lifting, but I definitely have a compulsion to. I have a tendency to lift shit i know i don't need and i know i don't even have room for, but it's just free. For example, i have about 20 lotions from Baff n Body Worx and I haven't even opened them. Also, if i'm in a store and didn't find anything I really wanted, i'll take the easiest stuff I can find even if I don't want it because to me, if i leave empty handed, i just wasted my time. My compulsion to take things that I don't even want probably stems from growing up in poverty, but I'm not a therapist so I don't really know for sure


Noambition wrote

Yeah I can’t stay away from bbws even though I have plenty of lotion. No LP or cameras is just crazy and I feel like I have to take advantage of it before they get wise and install cameras.


Goblisstick OP wrote

My compulsion definitely stems from growing up in poverty too, I am pretty certain. But when is enough enough, I ask myself. I don't take things that Im not going to use or give away, but I do know the feeling of feeling like I got ripped off if I didn't snag something from a store! Somehow I feel like I would get caught somehow if I took something I didn't truly want or need and I wouldn't want to risk that. Just out of curiosity do you store your items like the bath and body worx items neatly and organized, or are they all over your house?