C@lvin Kle1n outlets? Outlets in general?

Submitted by BleachKidd in Illegalism

Ok so I recently bought a CK sweater, I noticed that it was source tagged and added it to the list. And I was considering going back and grabbing some items, and hiding sweaters/pants (in other pieces of clothing, frequent cameras) let the worker count my shit, go into the dressing room cut off the tags, bag them, leave. Boom.

Got me thinking about outlets altogether, recently lifted a 50 dollar Coach belt buckle. So that was cool.

Anyways, anybody have any input on my first idea? And do you guys get a lot of success at outlets?



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francium wrote

the C@lv1n at my outlets is laughably easy, very little staff, tons of blind spots, fitting rooms are open. the only items that aren’t source tagged are the big ticket items like their $300+ jackets


[deleted] wrote


BleachKidd OP wrote

Go ahead and lmk when when its there cupcake. <3

As of 2/14/19 Calvin Klein isnt on the list