T@RG3T Finally Got Me

Submitted by Z00lander in Illegalism

I've lifted a lot back in my teens. Took a break for a few years. Then, started to lift again. I've been lifting at w@lm@rt, t@rg3t, my campus bookstore, d!ck$, CV$, etc. And my favorite place to lift is that red bulls eye.

So, I've been lifting at the red bulls eye for about a good year. I usually rotate through about 5 t@rg3t's near my area. I've lifted a whole bunch of stuff. At least 90% of my wardrobe is now from that red bulls eye. I love their clothes. Car accessories, phone accessories, board games, hygiene products, food, skateboards, medications, CDs, etc. I've used a variety of tactics, such as concealing on my persons, wearing it out, social engineering, but the one I've been using the most is getting the sticker barcodes off those really inexpensive items, then putting them over the more expensive product's price barcode, then going through s3lf ch3ck 0ut. It always worked.

Then, this last time, I went to t4rg3t. A new one I've never been to. Put a cheaper item's barcode sticker on an expensive item, then proceeded through $elf ch3ck 0ut, as usual. As I paid for my item and received the receipt, a worker comes up to me and asks for the receipt. She caught me. I have no idea how she caught me. Maybe they finally just caught up to me by reaching out to each other. Maybe I got sloppy at a previous t4rg3t. She took my things. No further conversing, and i walked out. I even drove my car backwards through the parking lot, so they wouldn't catch my plate(no front pates). I've read through a bunch of your posts about t4rg3t's infamous LP since reddit. And i think this is what will finally make me stop lifting for a while.

It was a great run. As I think about it, yeah I am scared. Havent been caught in a LONG time and it spooked me. I hope everyone the best, but man am I bummed. Be careful out there. Never get sloppy and never compromise your tactics. Sometimes I got careless and cut corners, but I thought I was good since I never got stopped. But it finally caught up.



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Subversive_Element wrote

I ran a train on T@rgat for over 5 years, 20+ different stores across 3 states. More video games and blue rays that I can count among other stuff.

I am almost certain they are/were building an epic case against me but I decided to give them a wide berth. I shop as an honest citizen now but I won’t dare lift from t@rgat, too many of our bros have been taken out by them. They definitely don’t play around. I consider myself lucky to have rode them hard and lived to gloat...


5finger_discount wrote

I got caught by t4rg3t about 4 years ago. Previously got away with at least 4 pairs of the original beats studio headsets when they were pretty expensive. Tried to do it again at a different one in the city and they grabbed me. Went through diversion and got it sealed. I have avoided every t4rg3t from that day on. After seeing their cameras back then and how much of the store they cover I can only imagine how it is now.



I hate reading stories like this.


DerpRun wrote

Um why? I hope it's cause he walked away unscathed which never happens so I'm like wtf must be nice!


i_buy_shit wrote

Nope, I would disagree. The system detected an anomaly.

If LP were onto you they would have called the police. Barcode switching is 'worse' than shoplifting.

The only caveat to this is that the store did not currently have LP on duty and/or the manager was also not onsite.


DerpRun wrote

Maybe they had a suspicion but just kept an eye on it sounds like. Happened to me but luckily when they got fed up they did the 'bust' with me empty handed. Lucky really. Wait though..... they didn't prosecute or ban you? Sounds a little too good to be true but wth do I know. You should go pray or something and donate some time or money to a good charity for good measure cause Karma just gave you a pass brother and prob expects some good shit. Never know....if they have proof you stole and decided to or are finishing up final touches on a case against you, they should have about a year (most states I think) to officially charge you. Read up on the laws people! Know your limits! and use the f*ck out of those just-under limits if youre unable to stop and have been caught a few times. Read about this state so fed up with shoplifting they team up with Wal to try and give people ridiculous sentences. Guy stands a chance though because his lawyers are good and also because he knew the limits to stay under but finding this out irritated the already harsh judge so it should look like a coincidence and not $1 away from limit..... 12 years in prison I think check it out here https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/may/17/walmart-shoplifting-helping-hike-sentences-court

Biggest misconception in lifting is rotating lifts from a store with multiples in the area. You better be good because they communicate and the one you never steal from because it's close to home? Done, they know and your out or at least very uncomfortable with your new shopping companion 10 ft up your ass until ban is issued I promise you it happens. Long breaks in between a series of lifts at Wal, Tar, others similar, are 100% required in my book. I always assume by the third time I'm out that I'm also flagged because I believe I am and a little paranoia keeps your ass out of jail. I do this especially with Wal overall because even though I hate Walmart truly madly deeply....they are fuckin everywhere and I don't want to be banned and really need to get inside one ...lol but yea I go on sprees during Xmas and get creative switching it up and then breath for a while. I noticed this first year doing it that I had gained a little extra eye on me so I played the perfect customer till it dies down. Note sure of a standard time frame to be able to get back into a groove before breaking but they have a decently high enough turnover rate depending on location. You have to know the store really. The only kind of rotation that a good shoplifter should be doing is 4(good) - 6 (expert) months focusing on a few diff stores like the shoes store, drugstore, clothes shop etc then switch over to the stores that have missed you in the last several months like the git n split, fry king, electronics store. Idk I could be wrong but it's nice to me when I walk in a store with a low turnover rate to see a familiar face SMILE at me and say "how are you? Haven't see you in a while". and MEAN it (helps I buy shit there too to have that). Of course the whole time I"m like this idiot is still here? Ugh here comes fake conversation and extra time spont in here I do not want' but you have to suck it up. Try it if you come back. Again with the charity though. Seriously. That pass you got doesn't even happen unless you're Benjamin Button.


Z00lander OP wrote

Yes, I definitely felt fortunate for no ch@rges being pressed on me. I will take a break from t@rg3t....


Goblisstick wrote

WOW that is scary. Was the employee who stopped you the one who was sort of monitoring the self-check? Did you legitimately purchase some items? Because you said she took your "things".Did you use a credit card? How big of a price difference was the items true price from the sticker you put on there? So strange since you had never been in that location. You wonder, did they just happen to be watching? I read somewhere that a person gets away with an average of 40 lifts before getting caught. I know Ive done many more (no big items) through the years but I try to remember odds are my time is coming. Keep us updated.


Z00lander OP wrote (edited )

Yes, it was the employee monitoring the self check out. The employee was helping another customer while I scanned my items. I legitimately purchased a vday card for my gf. Never, I only use cash, just in case this happens. Price difference was about $60.

Stay safe.

Edit: the employee took the item I was trying to lift, nothing else. She saw the cheaper barcode sticker on the c0nf1scated item and informed another employee(maybe the lead or manager?).