Submitted by DerpRun in Illegalism

"Alarms at the moment of theft". Really? Anyone have info on/seen these? I can just see all the shake downs and pissed off patrons accused because they jolted their merch in the dressing room lol At the very least it appears to take an S3 to remove but....this isn't practical. Pft



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dat_juji_memp wrote

Clever idea, but not infallible. I wonder if glow-in-the-dark nailpolish would be bright enough to trick the sensor.


HackEverything wrote

Read the description of the deactivator, it uses an infrared strobe light that flashes a unique pattern. A TV learning remote might work, but you'd have to capture the pattern from the deactivator first. Not foolproof, but not easy either


FreeIsForMe wrote

This looks like the same sensors some Sephora use on their more expensive make up palettes.


j0hn_d0e wrote

Seems worthless at preventing walkouts


Spudnuts wrote

Also, like spiders, they're prone to the battery going flat thus rendering them useless.


4EvrPrincessGabs wrote

Ok so it can’t be deactivated. What type of device could we use to physically break it both swiftly and discreetly. Like actually destroy the device while it’s on the product and just take it with us out of the store...


DerpRun OP wrote

I figure for many that a Faraday bag would be a go to 1st. I would try with one. If that was a no go then an EMP or EMF type of device maybe... to temporarily disrupt by pushing a button basically. I have read a few tutorials on esay to make handheld disruptors but honestly do not believe theyd be strong enough to be effective. These things are hardly more than toys to play with and all I've seen is a cell phone turn off as a prank so lol pretty lame. Trying to break it, btw, would still draw attn I'd imagine from the conceal to go break right? In any case, I'm sure these disruptor devices do exist on a higher scale to meet our needs no doubt BUT I'm thinking the strength would be unstable and overall rate of success/fail too unpredictable. All of that being said is in the essence these conceal activated devices are out there as I have not dealt with anything like it yet. I'll finish my nonsensical babbling now, so tired I feel like I barely make sense >.< ......but really would love to hear more peoples' thoughts on this for sure.