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Thought I'd contribute some info. Not everyone lives where I do (OK) but I imagine it would be worth some additional precaution before lifting at these. First time posting on a forum here so hope I didn't screw it up. I did some research for stores ( had the most) in my area and was very surprised to see one of these stores seeking LP associates/specialists:

Family Dollar - Wow ok Ross JCPenny Old Navy Petco is looking for a *Guest Experience Specialist'? - lol wtf Gap

So it's pretty much just the Family Dollar that surprised me. The rest seem normal although I haven't made a lift at any of them yet. Hope this helps and please add to it. I would love to have available an ever growing list of users contributing their experiences on which businesses are from 1-10 level difficulty listed in order for the challenge of progression or just what level matches the mood for the day if you're anything like me. The invaluable master list provided here covers a lot of it. This newly single chica is ready to up grade from craft stores and go from making ends meet to making them meet in style. Thanks!



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