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NoobDude99 wrote

Most power tools. Many power tools are worth a lot of money but aren’t very big. Tools that would probably go quick for a quick return would be skil-saws, impact wrenches, etc. I’d also take a look at high end torque wrenches


francium wrote

i wouldn’t jump the gun so fast, is your lowe’s a low shrink area?


Brockhampton9830 wrote

I was reading a thread of the Lowes LP program shutdown, they say that low shrink stores leave the griddles outside and other items outside at night, sometimes even unchained as in their operating hours. High shrink will bring the high risk merch inside.


i_buy_shit wrote

You should find a market first. If you can find a plumber and an electrician that is willing to buy from you. Sharkbite connectors are a hot product, electrical breakers, Phillips Hue.