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Lifted some portable hard drives and radar detectors today. Made it a point to check for source tags and remove them...I thought. Lol.

2 Cobra Radar Detectors- soft tag behind barcode. Easy enough. Sandisk extreme portable hard drive 250GB and 500GB (2 of each). No source tags.

Finally Seagate backup plus portable hard drives. 1TB and 2TB varieties. Took 1 of each. Removed soft tags inside right behind the barcode.

Checked out and was leaving and heard the dreaded ping of death. I ignored it and kept walking. So I after opening and examining everything again what do I find? Another soft tag on the inside of the box about half way up on the Seagate 2TB drive.

Goes to show we are only half as good as we think we are... lol.



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Popman007 OP wrote

Not sure where the down voting is coming from. Sorry for trying to help.


extremecouponing wrote

I swear the LP's have found us or something and have nothing better to do than downvote our shit. Idc though they're just wasting their time lmao


jasperblack wrote

The manufacturers are trying to out-wit us.