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So I always thought giftcards only had money on them after u paid and the cashier puts the money on the card. But I've been seeing people post that they steal giftcards and theres money already on it. I'm probably sounding dumb if this is true but is there money on cards before hand?


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RobinHood wrote

Just a rumor but I heard that you could copy the info of a gift card but not take it and wait for someone else to activate by chance the use it


do_u_even_lift_bro wrote

That's a real dick move though, because you're not stealing from the company, you're stealing from whatever poor schmuck bought the card.


LinenChange wrote

Used to work at staples, and we had this happen once, (someone stole info off our staples gift cards that sat on counter near register) we had 4 or 5 people come back with giftcards they said should have a balance, the giftcards were used to order items that went to a drop house (An empty house, but not "abandoned") assuming he/she used this house address to not be tracked


Undertheradar wrote

Yes, I read that people will copy down the info. from a bunch of cards on the top row at one of those carousels at big stores and then wait a few days until presumably someone loads it with money at the cashier, then they use it or sell the numbers to someone else to use online.


falcons wrote

no, there is never money on them before being activated. Where are you hearing this?


thief wrote

Edited your post for you; putting raddle in the link isn't necessary.

No, there's not. The cashier has to manually activate it for it to have any value.


Edwadroi0 wrote

Honestly it’s annoying the amount of people who put something in the link, thanks for editing it.


Crusty wrote

Is there a way to activate them on your own? I realize that if there was, everyone would do it, but im sure there's a way somehow if you are dedicated enough to figure it out...


bwqrdsaf wrote

Only if you have access to cash register that is connected to the system for activating gift card. Cashier would be responsible so if someone activated a gift card for $100 and the till do not have $100, the cashier will lose the job and be on the hook for missing $100.

AFAIK we don't have a way to bypass cashier or cash register, and copying the number then checking later after someone buys it is a dick move because that someone will lose, not the store.


atypicalbastard wrote

Unless it’s an inside job, cashier ring up and tender the transaction as cash, then do a refund so the register isn’t short. Once balance is on the card and refunded it doesn’t come off. Only way to freeze the balance is through the vendor.