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AwesomeBeing wrote

Express in my areas always seem to have little to no cameras and employees who don't care


anon20 wrote

Giant Food: There is a security guard every now and then but I've only seen this at one store in the area. Dome cameras in most aisles and lots of "helpful" employees around during the day.


Hapabb wrote

I've been tailed by LP in F0r3ver 21 before. Because me and my friend were being really obvious abt lifting necklaces lmao. It was kind of unnerving because it was my second time ever shoplifting soo.


Braaaaap wrote

Canada Goose is definitely a 9/10.

One entrance at most locations. LP uniformed and at the door often and almost 1:1 customer to staff ratio. Cameras everywhere and the stores are small. Concealment is near impossible due to all of the clothes being outerwear. Dash and Grab only option. Unsure of chase policy or prosecution.