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I've had a couple of ideas of buying something and returning it within the hour to the store with either a fake/broken model, or just filler material. In theory, I would do this with items that are shrink wrapped, so that I could reshrink wrap them and hope that the return counter doesnt open it.

Anybody have any success with this? What sort of items have you done this with? What are the risks of doing it with a big ticket item, like iPhones and iPads?




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dat_juji_memp wrote

You are better off swapping it for a seemingly identical item, and relying on the ignorance/laziness of the cashier. It's possible to find dirt cheap Chinese knockoffs of many name brand products, some of which are quite convincing.


ActionSaxon24 wrote

I think if you got the weight and things correct and were able to reshrink pretty spot on you wouldn't have much of an issue.

Now a couple of things, and I don't ever understand why people want to lift iPhones and iPads like that.

Serials, and traceable items would definitely get you busted if not sooner than later.

So customer opens the box, employee opens the box, whoever opens it. Product isn't in there, ok so lets do an IMEI trace and boom, it's either with you, or someone you sold it to. I promise whoever bought it from you will gladly toss you under to avoid a possession of stolen goods charge. So to me that's a big F that risk level.

But returning empty box/hot swapped items and all that, it's a doable, how much effort is it worth compared to profit for all that? I dunno really. Just be good on the wrap, slacking in that department would be a big giveaway in my opinion, so just be extra careful with your method to it. Different shrinks and different wrap styles would be needed.


mario_oiram wrote

That's why I buy household items that are in demand and that I can resell for a few dollars a piece at a flea market. Make a few hundred every weekend and there's no one saying anything.


Insidejob wrote

Just had someone put a brick inside an Xbox and tried to return it. His face got blasted around a 100 mile radius to the other AP. You gotta pick out the employees that look tired or new to get away with it.

Best thing would be to get free or cheap parts that are similar and do a swap. Even getting a broken thing and putting it in a box will get you your money back. Check the free listings on craigslist and get some broken stuff to use


NotReallyMeTho wrote

I’ve been toying with this idea for a Nintendo Switch. Trying to find a KO or broken unit and then doing a swap @ Walfart.


lifterlife wrote

ive been thinking about this too but wouldnt they check the box if its open? you cant re-seal it unless you have those stickers


selfcheckout wrote (edited )

all i can contribute to this conversation is that i honestly returned a super large 300 dollar item to amazon and as soon as UPS marked it as "received" (to the UPS truck), i got my refund immediately. i was so mad. i could have easily screwed them over.

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mario_oiram wrote

I have encountered online retailers that are like this and its fun to get free stuff from them.


mario_oiram wrote

Religiously but not with high value items. Most expensive item was a $60 video game.