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We married young and had kids a little to early, and the additional burden always had us living paycheck to paycheck. At times we visited food banks and took handouts. I swore after that, never again!

Without her knowing I began lifting for survival, everything from diapers to clothes, food and other necessities. I also lifted for myself...50+ ps4 games later....

Anyways, a few days ago I finally came clean and told her what I do, showed her my “thief’s tool kit” (s3, magnets, hooks, picks, etc) and told her my f*cked up code of ethics. I don’t steal cars, wallets, break and enter, rob banks, would NEVER hurt someone. I hit corporate stores only and don’t get greedy. I take what I use and resell only in desperation.

After a long discussion I asked her for assistance during some of my lifts, as a spotter or employee distraction and NEVER as an active accomplice. She agreed thankfully and it’s a big relief knowing I have someone who has my back during an op.

Anyone else have an accomplice in your married partner? Anyone have to come clean?



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RedLiftingHood wrote

I came clean to my lover, he was very accepting and actually enjoys the gifts he recieves. $46 for designer underwear? Ha. Nope free!

I’m very lucky for him to be accepting, most people feel disappointed, scared, shocked etc. He kissed me on my forehead and said he still loves me no matter what my flaws were.


jert_the_gnarwhal wrote

We're not married yet but my girl and I partner up on 80% of lifts... we peel places back pretty heavy. She's the best companion I could ask for.


PrettyPrincessPoints wrote (edited )

there's nothing fucked up about your code of ethics.

growing up, people seemed to inherently understand this any time I explained it.

every single time they would get it after explaining.

it seems that things have changed, from my experience.

god, I still remember the daggar eyes I gave the first person to tell me in person:

"its exactly the same thing to steal from a corporation as it is to steal from a family business"

seriously that preppy lil boi couldof have died from the hatred pouring out of my eyes


Bandit wrote (edited )

Most of my partners are better at stealing than me.

Congrats on bringing yours into it; it's good to have people on your team.


DapperDan wrote

I've decided to leave my SO out of it.If I ever go down it just on me.But hell,I've read post where they were doing the same thing too!


JailMagpie wrote

My nesting partner doesnt know but one of my two long distance partners does.

I told them I only lift from corporate stores like walmart and the chain pet stores that dont give a shit about their animals and I use the craft stuff I lift to make things to sell.

They said they were sad that I was in the kind of situation where I had to steal to make ends meet/take care of my pets and wished they could help more financially but they were proud of me for sticking it to the "evil corporations" and they didnt love me any less.


TurmericLiftersnatch wrote

My partner sadly does not want me to lift anymore after one slip up caused by himself I must add. So now I have to keep it a secret from him which sucks. I so enjoyed doing that together, it forms a little special extra bond imo. I'm kinda jealous of you guys. Sharing hauls is fun!


Night_stranger7109 wrote

My current partner came out when we met as a thief, and I always lived to the code of never stealing, couple months later here we are hitting stores left and right.

10/10 find yourself a partner to steal with.