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I don’t want to bore everyone with my financial woes, but money is tight this month and it’s the food budget that takes the hit. I usually stick to clothes and electronics, lifting food is pretty new to me, unless you consider opening a coffee and drinking it while I walk around Wally as lifting food?

Anyways, I’ve read some good success stories here about grocery walkouts and am hoping for some tips. I got all the usual stores around here, Wally, Fred M@yer, hole foods, elbertsons, w1nco, t@rget.

I honestly need to fill a cart or few bags so it would be a decent sized lift. Any tips would be great.

Stay safe, fam!



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Mrsthrilled wrote

My hole foods is so easy. Go before they close, bring a big reusable bag or two and load up groceries, I don’t even bother with blind spots. Make it look natural, like you’re just too lazy to get a cart, so you put it in your bags instead. They will think you’re trying to save the environment with your reusable bags. Then walk out when nobody is looking. Safest to do if your store doesn’t have cameras like mine.


CBDCandy wrote

Trader Joe's don't have cameras (except sometimes at the front & stock room, but never anywhere else.) Some local (older) grocery stores by me don't have them either. If you do medium-high risk places like WF or Target. Buy the cheaper shit, lift your expensive meats & cheeses while your waiting on rush hour line (best spot) or while reaching into a freezer. Biggest risk with food is the repetition.


King_Lifter wrote

Whole foods can be hit or miss since a lot of lifting goes on there. Albertsons is my go-to because I believe all their camera are fake. My Albertsons has a 1 way mirror room above the meat section which I assume is either the managers office or where LP are posted, however, after walking out of that store like 5 times with baskets of unbagged groceries and shopping there for years prior I've never seen LP.

My advice. Ger one of those large shopping tote bags, throw it in your cart and go shopping as usual. Once you're ready to leave pick an isle close to an exit and bag the stuff you want. (Don't just put things you want in the cart, this can be suspicious).

Feel free to bag your items in an isle if it has a young/middle aged woman in it if you can't find an empty one. I find that the younger women will always turn a blind eye to these sorts of things.

Once your goods are in your bag, just walk out, preferably with an old receipt in hand. Don't even bother walking through an empty register to look legit.

Choose the isle furthest away from the bakery, I choose the side with the pharmacy because the shelves give them low visibility and there are no registers near the exit.

Whatever you do, don't be an idiot and fill a basket full of expensive meat. That is the most obvious giveaway.

If the store does have cameras, they're 100% focused on the pharmacy section.


Subversive_Element OP wrote

Thanks for the advice, I’ve visited all these stores a lot, for lifting and shopping so I got all the intel I need, some real world advice and tips are great.

I’m glad my wife invested in those reusable nylon bags, I’ll let you know which stores and how much!


Throwdown321 wrote

are you selling electronics and clothes they gain enough profit to afford food. trader joes have no cameras, but there really isnt blind spots either, because theres always so much people there. i go to suburbans and inner city ones, but these usually have security guards though. Both whole foods and trader joes. However since some of these have 1 or more entrances, 1 of them is often unguarded. even with security, they usually only stand near the entrance, you can conceal before you even exit the store


Subversive_Element OP wrote

I try not to get to greedy with clothes/electronics and usually only take what I want and need for myself and family. I sell a game here and there for pocket cash.

I DO need the food though, so I’m going to use the tips you and the others suggested.

Thanks, I’ll let you know how it turns out!


Bealotcoolerifyoudid wrote

Works best for just a tote bag full- use a canvas one or something, the kind people use as a purse or bag, not an actual reusable grocery one.

Walk through, put whatever you want in your tote bag- but first- grab some sliced bread or any bread really and hold it in your hand! Don’t get too greedy make sure your tote isn’t extremely full. Possibly grab one more really cheap thing and hold it in your hand before you get in line to pay.

The point is while your shopping people will assume your tote is a reusable bag (people use random canvas shit they have all the time). They will assume you’re holding bread and not putting that in the bag because you don’t want it to get Smushed

But when you get to the register - I don’t even use self check out, just the 12 or fewer lane ( I think is less Suss)..Ta da now my tote bag is just a regular ol bag/purse whatever. I pay for my bread and usually 2-3 other items I’m carrying in my hands and have them bag it in a regular plastic bag and Leave. They think I’ve just come in for a few items and I’m holding my purse over my shoulder .

While on the floor and shopping I don’t try to hide the fact I’m putting things in my tote- really pretend it’s your reusable bag. But I try as soon as possible to start holding things in my hands as well the time you get up there no one knows what the fucks going on and since you’re paying and in a regular lane you can do this repeatedly at stores you frequent.