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j0hn_d0e wrote

They are already super easy and they're getting more lax? Almost sounds too good to be true


tookleptotofunction wrote

Pretty sure the Lowe’s I lift from are 1 or 2 risk stores. I don’t think they had any LP to begin with. It just “felt” simple if that makes sense.

You don’t need to Westrrn Union anyone for list. Like any store, it’s highly likely it’s related to how much shrink there is, so wealthy areas furthest away from lower socioeconomic demographics will be the lowest risk and the highest crime areas will present the highest risk.


Boostinyall wrote

Yeah shit is going to get out of hand pretty quickly. Probably take them at 6-12 months to see the amount of shrinkage increase to levels they can't just turn a blind eye to. Prob take another 6-12 months to basically reverse all this and get it back under control. I like the quality of cobalt hand tools, and need a full mechanic set, so this is music to my ears. Middle Feb-March I'm gonna rape these fuckers. I'm gonna stay up on the police blotted and not even going to think about slowing down until I start seeing some shoplifting arrests at my 3 area locations. I'm fucking STOKED.


Subversive_Element wrote

I did a Lowe’s recon today and security seemed pretty tight. The high value tools were all alarm wrapped and right up front with employees approaching within minutes of me “browsing”. The RING alarm systems are stored at the till. The doors are flanked by the tills. Does anyone have any tips? It’s easy enough to grab the tools, walk to a dead aisle, disable alarms, but getting them out? I’d like to hear from some veterans on this one. Being prepared is essential.


atypicalbastard wrote

All you got to do is play the cashiers, flirt and they will give you anything you want. Ive got a couple I can make several hundered on in a day...


ezoz wrote (edited )

could u give me a rundown of how to get some nice shit at low3s? I've done a few smaller lifts but want to start moving up, what would you recommend i get and what methods would be good?