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Boostinyall wrote

Yeah shit is going to get out of hand pretty quickly. Probably take them at 6-12 months to see the amount of shrinkage increase to levels they can't just turn a blind eye to. Prob take another 6-12 months to basically reverse all this and get it back under control. I like the quality of cobalt hand tools, and need a full mechanic set, so this is music to my ears. Middle Feb-March I'm gonna rape these fuckers. I'm gonna stay up on the police blotted and not even going to think about slowing down until I start seeing some shoplifting arrests at my 3 area locations. I'm fucking STOKED.


ezoz wrote (edited )

could u give me a rundown of how to get some nice shit at low3s? I've done a few smaller lifts but want to start moving up, what would you recommend i get and what methods would be good?