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tookleptotofunction wrote

I won’t have kids because

a) I’m selfish af

b) I like to do what I want when I want

c) the world sucks and I wouldn’t want to involuntarily force someone to deal with it as current generations do their best to fuck it up for those to come

But if I did, I would without a doubt teach them how to be ethically flexible. I would make sure they were as flawlessly manipulative as possible. I have more data points that suggest you get ahead in life by breaking the rules, not following them.


Thoozer28 wrote

Depends on what they're stealing and their reasoning for doing so. If it's because you can't afford it as their parent/guardian that makes this decision even more difficult. Good luck and happy lifting!


daniel091 wrote

The only reason I wouldn't be cool with it is cause the repercussions, morally it isn't wrong to me but it could really mess up their future.


Fckcapitalism wrote

I will never have kids, but when I was a kid, my mom told me not to shoplift and to tell her when I wanted things so she could steal it for me. For reference though, my mom has done prison time.