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I'm planning to sell on ebay. For one I don't have a credit card yet. I'm thinking of attaching those in-store debit cards if possible.

Anyways, what I want to know is what do I need to know to stay under the radar. It asked for my phone number and address to which I gave it. Is that a bad call? Is it to suspicious to say that the product is 'brand new' or 'unworn' in the description? So far I've just been saying the product isn't ripped or torn.

Appreciate any other tips as well as other websites / places to sell on. Mostly selling clothes since they're extremely easy and I can get them in bulk.

P.S. If I ask my parents to set up a credit card for me, can they see the transactions? How about if I set up a debit card under their name. I know they can see what I buy, but can they see what I sell on ebay?



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finessica wrote

it's fine to give your address and phone number, and it isn't suspicious to say that the product is "brand new". most people will just assume you never got around to actually wearing it or never wanted to. but keep in mind that if you do say this, don't say that you have these items in bulk; just sell them one at a time and make a new listing for each one. bulk items tend to be of lesser quality, and people will not trust a seller who gets certain items in bulk, especially clothing. also remember to remove exif data off of any photos you post.

other places I'd suggest to sell are poshmark and depop, but be aware that there are lots of lowballers on these sites.


Spudnuts wrote

Use a stealth eBay and PayPal account. is worth a visit!


youbuyingweselling wrote

ebay is full of other people doing the same exact thing you are doing. i wouldnt overthink it.

if you need help selling things feel free to message me.