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i_buy_shit wrote

If you have a Williams Sonoma outlet that I where I would go.. I picked up two Vitamixs and a several Kitchen Aid before Christmas.

My next choice would be a Surla Table or Williams Sonoma mall location.

Then I would trickle down to a BBB.

I would avoid Target. I am mixed on Costco. In the SE Costco on a whole is pretty easy. I found in the Pacific NW Costco is hard as hell.


sweetmoves wrote

Did you just walk out carrying them?


i_buy_shit wrote

Yep. The store was a madhouse with the holiday shopping.

The stores in the mall you just walk out when one of the cooking classes ends. There is so much movement and students buying shit with their 10% discount. You can also just stuff a bag neither store has cameras.


thief wrote

BBB would be your best bet because Target has ungodly LP and Costco being a membership only store brings added risks to begin with.

BBB can have LP, but sometimes they don’t, and they have okay cameras. Therefore, blind spots would be your best friend. Just play the whole thing very smart (considering it’s a whole blender) and leave.

Best of luck and happy lifting.