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tookleptotofunction wrote

VS uses The Retail Equation to ban returns. So does Home Depot, Best Buy, Sephora, and CVS. Rumor is Amazon even has a deal with them and those CIS emails are their doing.

It’s not just receiptless returns either. Even if you have a receipt, you can be banned. At what number or dollar value is set by the merchant. TRE claims that your history with one retailer doesn’t affect the other, but that been proven to be a categorical lie.

Also, they don’t even have to take your ID to ban you. They can ban returns using credit card or loyalty card history.


sudo wrote

Thanks for the information; this is the first I've heard of The Retail Equation. It angers me that this exists; not just because it prevents return fraud, but because all of this information is being collected and stored in the first place. I wish someone would hack this company and wipe all of their servers.


tookleptotofunction wrote

I agree. Yet another reason to steal shit. Don’t get my started in store credit cards and “loyalty programs” and all that nonesense. Just a way to mine data from us in exchange for coupons. Hard pass.


Positif OP wrote

Interesting information, thanks for letting me know! I don't plan to ever do anymore returns to get cash since that's not my preferred style of lifting. I just thought I'd give it a try this one time and I even brought it in one of my VS bags to make it look that much more believable but -shrugs- it is what it is.

Time to buy $100 worth of undies now.

Or better yet, find a legitimate website that will trade gift cards for cash.