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Wanted to rip off a Ninja or Vita Mix but as soon as I even started looking around was customer services to death. She followed me around and every item I touched she was like can I help you with that. I finally just gave up. Anyone else have this problem?



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Ehrie wrote

Weird. My BBB completely ignores me when I go in. Most just hang around up front, maybe like, one or two people stocking shelves. Just bad luck on your part it seems (Or good luck on mine?)


crucial_taunt wrote

i just went to bbb for the first time on a monday at like 7. there were less than 3-4 cams on the floor and employees seemed busy stocking. i only grabbed some socks but if you had a plan like SOH's you should have plenty of time and place to conceal. good luck!


NewbMcGee wrote

My boyfriend worked there for about a year. They do a lot of seasonal hiring so they're well staffed this time of year. They're also very aware of their shrinkage problem at his location-- management was even rearranged by corporate. Don't know if that translates to other locations, but his for sure always had a big floor presence.


tookleptotofunction wrote

I just got my AirFloss from them last night. Very few people in the store, and I only saw three employees. Two were in the registry area gossiping and the other wasn’t even near the register because she was too busy cleaning.

Overzealous employees happen, but they are usually an exception and not the rule. Try that store at the opposite time or go to another location. Shoplifting is truly a game of numbers and odds in all aspects.