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They have in store committed LP. They are mostly watching for internals but definitely dedicated to stopping any theft. Take this with a grain of salt because every store is different. But be mindful that it’s not a free for all.



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tookleptotofunction wrote (edited )

Hold up, hold up. Are you talking about HomeGoods with the Marshalls/TJMaxx attached/next door, or the completely stand alone ones? Almost every stand alone HomeGoods I’ve been in has only a couple cams with no coverage or no cams except maybe at the door/register. The ones with Marshall’s/TJMaxx have a ton comparatively speaking. I know sometimes the Marshalls/TJMaxx LP will walk over to HomeGoods and hang around, but they aren’t there all the time.

It never seems like HomeGoods has enough things of value that are concealable to warrant dedicated full time LP especially since they don't invest much in cameras.


LPboy wrote

This is false, I worked for Homegoods LP. LP coverage is scattered between a few stores, usually the store with higher shrink will have better LP coverage. It's the same throughout the whole country.