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Two codes that will be overhead paged are code 7 which is for a manager and code 10 which is possible shoplifting.

These stores have no LP in the store. The cameras are typically watched by the manager on duty if he is in the office. The cameras feed is also outsourced to a company that has staff that view everything that happens and they will do their best for headshots for a bolo. bolos are usually kept to stores within the same state unless the amount is very large.

My store had a no chase and hands off policy, however I’m not sure if that applies to all stores but given who they hire these people wouldn’t want to anyway. The worst they will do is harass you and follow you. They will do plenty of things to try and scare you. I have watched managers outright watch people they knew had product in their hands out the door. Another tactic they will do is overhead page that the police is outside. If you steal enough and take too long getting out they will call the police. However the manager may not even be viewing the cameras at that moment leaving the camera team to just watch it happen.

Sticker swapping is easy. Start at each edge and gently pull them off. Obvious greed will usually be spotted but a 20 dollar sticker on a 40 or 50 dollar item will usually go unnoticed. If you’re going to try anything the day before the sale ends which is Tuesday or Thursday, it’s been a while since I worked there, is the busiest day. Truck day is also another busy day but varies for each store. Feel free to ask employees they don’t think anything of it.

Now easy items to sticker swap or steal depends on the store. My store had 100-200 dollar sets of pencils out on the shelf in the open till they were stolen but this was when the store just opened. So check each store. Also train sets are such an unusual item that is easy to sticker swap. Speaking from experience on the train thing my coworker was fired because of not noticing it.

Also sticker guns are not worth stealing they watch them like a hawk and setup the stickers with the shipment lot on the items as well as different colored rolls. They take it seriously and will not let employees leave if any of them are missing.



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Opsec OP wrote (edited )

Easy places to conceal if you plan on it are usually fabric/ needle art and floral. Seasonal will usually always have someone in it zoning and typically has some level of a manager there since it always needs to be reworked.

Near the registers there should always be a csm, customer service manager, and there will usually be codes being called by cashiers like code 4 for change so don’t be alarmed. Code 2 is a call for a csm to the register which doesn’t mean they got you , but even if they do they won’t care just play stupid. They’re like your typical retail worker overworked and underpaid.

Cameras are all operational and from what I was told by managers, who I was close with , blind spots were almost non existent and all cameras worked.

Don’t hit the same store often if at all more than once. My store manager at least wasn’t above firing someone for checking out who hit the store before so if anyone who cared enough to remember a face would remember that one. Also managers do try and remember people who lifted from their store.

If the store has been screwed before with shoplifting big ticket items will usually require a manager to get the item and leave it at the register. A manager will also be required for the return.

The lot my store was in had cameras in the parking lot however they were managed by the owner of the lot not by the store itself and they did not work however I’m sure this doesn’t apply for all stores so beware

TLDR walkout is your best bet. Get what you want get out. Going somewhere out of the way is not needed unless it’s to avoid staff but keep in mind the cameras will see you. even if staff notice you worst they’ll do is harass you and try and embarrass you.


Bill_Brasky wrote

Much appreciated. Was wondering about the codes being used. I just went in to a Hobby Lobby for the first time last week and once more today with me and the Mrs. knabbing lots of neato gifts both trips. She got a little nervous by the code thing on the second go-around. Found plenty of blind spots there though; that is, as long as there weren't any other kinds of cameras than the obvious hanging black balls. Will definitely hit them up at least two more times to get Xmas presents for some of the trickier ones to shop for.


Opsec OP wrote

As far as I know they do have some concealed cameras but given that they’re more expensive to install and hide There aren’t many of them. Most frequently stolen items were jewelry and art supplies so I’d imagine they would be there.


Opsec OP wrote (edited )

Aside from train sets and high end colored pencils, if they’re not locked down, no not really. The majority of the stuff there is overpriced shit made by the company and put under a different name.

A good haul from that store from what I’d imagine would need to be made up through volume rather than big ticket items.

A lot of the items are niche items so they can be hard to flip. I’m also biased since I worked there and saw how the stuff was treated, shipped, etc I see it all as shit anyway.


Opsec OP wrote

Holiday season is usually busy see if your store is busy a hour or two before closing on Saturday. Most managers will be tied up cashing out registers.


HazelDaKleptoFiend wrote

Code blue ring any bells?? heard it at kmart once when I was swiping shit dunno if it was me or what


lmaolit wrote

Hobby Lobby was the fucking best, I remember my friend who was working there at the time was super chill and gave me loads of information on what I needed to know store by store. They also told me exactly where the keys were kept for every store so I have at least 1 key to almost every hobby lobby in my area haha. The main thing that I needed from Hobby Lobby were copic markers, which are locked up pretty tight. Lemme tell you, just because you have a key does not make that shit easy to steal that aisle is almost impossible to hit at the perfect moment. There is one LP guy for the entire state and usually comes around to each store once every three months, and ironically the one time I've been caught at hobby lobby was the one time I wasn't taking a fuck ton of high priced markers and opening the case (because it was too busy). I just ran and got away super easily he tried to grab my bag but didn't succeed. I don't believe the store has many cameras (like 4) and 99% sure there wasn't one in the aisle I lifted from (I know this because of my inside information) but does hobby lobby share information with other hobby lobbies in the area? It's been about a month and a half and I've been dying to go back to a hobby lobby (obviously not the same one) but I dont know if it would get me fucked over or if its something that no one would pay too close of attention to. If LP hadn't been working that unlucky day I would have never been caught probably, I was able to get away with so much at hobby lobby and the employees never caught on or saw me :P


Momma_bear wrote (edited )

Do they have Thomas the train sets?? My little boy is dying for one for christmas!! How would I go about getting one? Also, I want to make my other little boy a really nice blanket for christmas. I want to get really nice comfy fabric. How would I go about lifting a lot of fabric? I know it wont all fit in my purse and I dont have money to cover anything else that I could swap it with.


Avasampler01 wrote

Is it easy to steal things like chains and patches stuff like that