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lmaolit wrote

Hobby Lobby was the fucking best, I remember my friend who was working there at the time was super chill and gave me loads of information on what I needed to know store by store. They also told me exactly where the keys were kept for every store so I have at least 1 key to almost every hobby lobby in my area haha. The main thing that I needed from Hobby Lobby were copic markers, which are locked up pretty tight. Lemme tell you, just because you have a key does not make that shit easy to steal that aisle is almost impossible to hit at the perfect moment. There is one LP guy for the entire state and usually comes around to each store once every three months, and ironically the one time I've been caught at hobby lobby was the one time I wasn't taking a fuck ton of high priced markers and opening the case (because it was too busy). I just ran and got away super easily he tried to grab my bag but didn't succeed. I don't believe the store has many cameras (like 4) and 99% sure there wasn't one in the aisle I lifted from (I know this because of my inside information) but does hobby lobby share information with other hobby lobbies in the area? It's been about a month and a half and I've been dying to go back to a hobby lobby (obviously not the same one) but I dont know if it would get me fucked over or if its something that no one would pay too close of attention to. If LP hadn't been working that unlucky day I would have never been caught probably, I was able to get away with so much at hobby lobby and the employees never caught on or saw me :P