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ezoz wrote

Reply to comment by Opsec in Hobby lobby. From a former employee by Opsec

anything easy to snatch and worth a lot of money at hobby lobby?


Opsec OP wrote (edited )

Aside from train sets and high end colored pencils, if they’re not locked down, no not really. The majority of the stuff there is overpriced shit made by the company and put under a different name.

A good haul from that store from what I’d imagine would need to be made up through volume rather than big ticket items.

A lot of the items are niche items so they can be hard to flip. I’m also biased since I worked there and saw how the stuff was treated, shipped, etc I see it all as shit anyway.


Momma_bear wrote (edited )

Do they have Thomas the train sets?? My little boy is dying for one for christmas!! How would I go about getting one? Also, I want to make my other little boy a really nice blanket for christmas. I want to get really nice comfy fabric. How would I go about lifting a lot of fabric? I know it wont all fit in my purse and I dont have money to cover anything else that I could swap it with.