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ezoz OP wrote (edited )

Sorry for shit camera quality, also there is nothing on the other side of the spider wrap, what you see is all there is.


J23 wrote

It is called StrapLok. It monitors the strap’s tension and will alarm if the strap is being cut. To remove it you need S3 key. Place your S3 key on key locators and slide the keylocking slide to the unlock position.


ezoz OP wrote

I know this has been asked 10 trillion times but could I get a link for the s3? thanks.


Spudnuts wrote

Search Alibaba or your country's eBay or Amazon: S3 detacher key.


Lifted_Hickory wrote

Yep. Most people call them turtles, but StrapLok is the official name. Lowe's just loves those things. Be careful with the disarm chirp.